cindrigo kaishan agreement geothermal croatia

New geothermal energy investment cycle in Croatia, region

07 April 2023 - Chinese company Kaishan and renewable energy developer Cindrigo have agreed to jointly develop a geothermal power plant

us renewables texas coal nuclear eia

Renewables outpace coal for first time in US power production

30 March 2023 - The US power sector produced 4,090 TWh last year, and the share of renewables was 21%, the Energy Information Administration said.

Turkey one third world geothermal greenhouses

Turkey accounts for one third of world’s geothermal greenhouses

05 August 2022 - The surface of greenhouses heated with geothermal energy in Turkey grew 400% since 2002, says Mücahit Kıvrak from the Balıkesir University

Winners announced at Croatia's first utility-scale renewables auctions

Croatia announces winners from its first utility-scale renewables auctions

22 July 2022 - The Croatian electricity market operator (HROTE) has declared 16 bids as winners, while three were rejected

Industry draws first global definition of green hydrogen

Industry draws up first global definition of green hydrogen

19 May 2022 - The Green Hydrogen Organization (GH2) has published a Green Hydrogen Standard - for certification and labeling, and greenwashing prevention

geothermal lithium vulcan stellantis vw gm

Volkswagen, Stellantis, GM turn to geothermal lithium for batteries for electric vehicles

09 December 2021 - Leading automakers have signed agreements to secure lithium extracted from geothermal water, a method with a much lower ecological footprint


Geothermal power projects set to boom in coming years as 2021 investment tops EUR 1 billion

20 September 2021 - Investment in geothermal power generation projects is set to boom in the coming years, with...

Restart Energy Interlink Capital Strategies joint venture green energy Romania

Restart Energy, Interlink Capital Strategies to invest USD 500 million in green energy in Romania, region

12 January 2021 - Companies from Romania and the US have established a joint venture to develop investments in renewables and blockchain.

Croatia premiums

Croatia: from incentives to premiums until renewable energy target is reached

14 August 2019 - Author: Maja Pokrovac, Managing Director at Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia (RES Croatia)* With its...

Bulgaria to launch EUR 33 million renewables, energy efficiency, energy security program

09 May 2019 - Bulgaria is preparing to launch its Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Energy Security Program, with...

Call for applications: renewables included in IPARD II in Turkey

Call for applications: renewables included in IPARD II in Turkey

23 February 2018 - Turkish renewable energy sector is one of the sectors to be financially supported by the...

42 Governments sign ‘Florence Declaration’, new IRENA report on geothermal energy released

14 September 2017 - 42 countries and 29 partner institutions, members of the the Global Geothermal Alliance (GGA), have...

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