OMV Petrom Verchere Energy security diversifying sources supply

OMV Petrom’s Verchere: Energy security implies diversifying sources, supply

18 November 2023 - The pandemic, energy crisis and war in Ukraine have all actually accelerated the energy transition, OMV Petrom's CEO Christina Verchere said

Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia to roll out electricity trade platform

17 November 2023 - Minister of Mining and Energy of Serbia Dubravka Đedović Handanović spoke to her Hungarian counterpart Péter Szijjártó in Belgrade


EU: Up to Bulgaria to decide how to use income from gas transit tax

31 October 2023 - Bulgaria can decide on its own what to do with income from the transit tax for Russian gas, the European Commission said

Bulgaria sets new transit fees for Russian gas that affect Greece and the region

How Bulgaria’s transit fees for Russian gas affect Greece

20 October 2023 - In addition to Serbia, Hungary and BiH, Bulgaria's new transit fee for Russian gas will substantially hit Greece, but the government is still silent

Share green hydrogen Vienna cogeneration plant reaches 15

Share of green hydrogen in Vienna cogeneration plant reaches 15%

29 August 2023 - The gas-fired Donaustadt heat and power plant in Vienna is now using a mix with up to 15% of green hydrogen

Greenpeace: Oil companies investing pocket change in renewable energy sources

Greenpeace: Oil companies investing pocket change in renewable energy sources

24 August 2023 - Europe's twelve largest oil companies are misleading the public about their readiness for a gradual transition to renewable energy sources


Bulgartransgaz opens market consultation on hydrogen transmission capacity

18 August 2023 - Bulgaria's gas transmission and storage system operator Bulgartransgaz launched a non-binding market demand assessment survey for hydrogen

law on energy Serbia passes law on unbundling gas, electricity transmission system operators

Serbia passes law on unbundling gas, electricity transmission system operators

26 July 2023 - By changing the Law on Energy, Serbia enabled the establishment of an independent commission to oversee electricity and gas TSOs

Vienna to introduce hydrogen in electricity generation, district heating

19 July 2023 - Wien Energie is starting to test blending hydrogen with natural gas for use in its Donaustadt heating and thermal power plant


EU shifting focus from crisis response to net zero agenda

14 July 2023 - The EU suggested it would ask UN member states to double energy efficiency improvements and triple renewable energy deployment by 2030

Three carbon capture projects Balkans grants EU Innovation Fund

Three carbon capture projects in Balkans get grants from EU’s Innovation Fund

14 July 2023 - The EU selected Motor Oil Hellas, Titan Cement and Holcim's subsidiary in Croatia among 41 firms for grants from the Innovation Fund

Turkey over 20 GW nuclear power capacity 2050s

Turkey targets over 20 GW in nuclear power capacity by 2050s

12 July 2023 - Turkey is making plans for its second and third nuclear power plants and the deployment of several small modular reactors


Greece and Bulgaria to present joint hydrogen projects

11 April 2023 - The Greek and Bulgarian gas system operators will present two major hydrogen projects to the EU this week


Kosovo* outlines energy transition until 2031 in strategic document

24 March 2023 - Kosovo* aims at 1.6 GW in renewables capacity by 2031, with 340 MWh in batteries. It opted to reconstruct at least three coal plant units.

Mass Group Iraqi firm switch defunct coal plant Mintia Romania gas hydrogen

Iraqi firm to switch defunct coal plant in Romania to gas, hydrogen

07 March 2023 - Mass Group Holding told Romania's PM Nicolae Ciucă it would invest more than EUR 1 billion in transforming the Mintia coal plant

New Cypriot government first priority reduce electricity costs

New Cypriot government’s first priority is to reduce electricity costs

02 March 2023 - The primary concern is to reduce electricity costs, the new Cypriot Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry George Papanastasiou said

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