Turkey enable wind solar power projects lakes

Turkey to enable wind, solar power projects on lakes

05 February 2024 - Turkey's parliament is about to vote on a proposition to allow solar and wind power projects on lakes, reservoirs and seas

global offshore wind update cop28

Most countries expected to miss 2030 net zero offshore wind targets – report

08 December 2023 - Among the 19 nations with explicit offshore wind goals for 2030, only Poland and Ireland seem on track to achieve their respective targets

Greece announces national programme for offshore wind energy, targets 4.9 GW in five regions

Greece announces offshore wind energy program, targets 4.9 GW by 2032

31 October 2023 - The draft offshore wind energy development program was presented today by HEREMA and the Ministry of Environment and Energy


Norway’s Equinor unveils world’s biggest floating offshore wind farm

24 August 2023 - Floating offshore wind farm Hywind Tampen is expected to cut CO2 emissions by 200,000 tons annually at oil and gas fields in the North Sea

croatia offshore wind potential 25 GW study floating wind solar

Croatia’s offshore wind potential estimated at 25 GW

15 May 2023 - It is the result of the Action Plan for Renewable Energy Sources at Sea in Croatia, the first such study prepared in the country

How looks like the construction of the largest floating wind farm

This is how world’s largest floating wind farm is built

26 April 2023 - Mammoet, which is installing the largest floating wind farm, claims they would become the most cost-effective renewable energy technology

Popescu Government Romania offshore wind energy bill

Popescu: Government of Romania to pass offshore wind energy bill next month

27 March 2023 - The Government of Romania is set to approve the offshore wind energy law in April, according to Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu.

galileo hope barium bay offshore wind floating

Galileo, Hope eye 1,100 MW floating wind farm in Adriatic Sea

27 February 2023 - Galileo and Hope Group have launched Barium Bay, their second joint venture in Italy for the development of floating offshore wind farms

BLOW project: pioneering 5 MW floating offshore wind turbine in Black Sea

BLOW project – pioneering 5 MW floating offshore wind turbine in Black Sea

03 February 2023 - Renewable energy company Eolink announced it is launching a 5 MW floating offshore wind project off the Bulgarian coast in the Black Sea

Joint venture for floating offshore wind farm in Adriatic of 525 MW

Joint venture for 525 MW floating offshore wind farm in Adriatic Sea

30 September 2022 - Galileo and Hope Group formed a joint venture to develop the Lupiae Maris project for a 525 MW floating wind farm in the Italian Adriatic

Lhyfe green hydrogen offshore wind sea production

French company launched first offshore hydrogen facility

26 September 2022 - After the end of the trial, Lhyfe will have a substantial volume of data, which should allow it to design mature offshore production systems

Floating wind farm project unites fishermen, investors in Ireland

01 July 2022 - A joint 2 GW floating wind farm project is the first cooperation in the world between the two opposing sectors.

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