Prishtina mayor cut air pollution 95

Prishtina mayor announces measures to cut air pollution by 95%

11 May 2022 - Prishtina's Mayor Përparim Rama said air pollution would be cut by 95% with subsidies for heating devices, transportation infrastructure upgrades and electric vehicles

Tuzla canton gets regional solid waste landfill

Tuzla canton to get regional solid waste landfill

05 May 2022 - The new sanitary landfill will serve three municipalities in the Tuzla canton, with a population of about 95,000

Kosovo 70 MW solar thermal plant district heating Prishtina

Prishtina’s district heating company to build 70 MW solar thermal plant

26 March 2022 - Prishtina's municipal district heating firm Termokos will get 70 MW of heat in a solar project worth EUR 64 million

New Zenica Heating Plant inaugurated - solution for district heating decarbonization

Zenica inaugurates heating plant fueled by waste gases

25 March 2022 - The owners of the facility are ArcelorMittal, the City of Zenica and Finnish companies KPA Union and FinnFund

EBRD is looking for consultant to accelerate development of renewables in Serbia digitalization

EBRD tenders consulting services to facilitate green investments in Serbia

22 March 2022 - The bank expects a two-year digitalization project to cut the red tape for investors in renewable energy sources


Albania launches works on offshore wind project

10 March 2022 - Prime Minister Edi Rama has recently said that Albania is exploring its wind energy potential and that it will benefit from additional amounts of energy from offshore production.

Montenegro to introduce renewable energy auctions

05 March 2022 - Almost all the remaining countries in this part of Europe said they would introduce auctions. So far they have been held in Albania, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia, Turkey

Slovenian steelmaker SIJ invest decarbonization bank loan

Slovenian steelmaker SIJ to invest in decarbonization with bank loan

15 February 2022 - Steelmaker SIJ Group will use a part of a EUR 230 million loan to invest in energy efficiency as part of its decarbonization efforts

International institutions Serbia delay renewable energy law

International institutions urge Serbia not to delay implementation of renewable energy law

19 January 2022 - Reacting to demands from EMS and EPS, international institutions said altering the renewable energy law in Serbia could disappoint investors

EBRD, EU, Austria donate 360 trees for greener Belgrade

EBRD, EU, Austria donate 360 trees for greener Belgrade

03 December 2021 - The EBRD, EU and Austria supported the planting of 360 trees in Belgrade out of 1,000 in total across the Western Balkans

RES Foundation conference subsidies poor households net zero heating

RES Foundation conference: More subsidies for poor households needed to get to net zero heating

02 December 2021 - Vulnerable households in the Western Balkans often can't afford renovation or to replace old heating stoves and boilers even with a 50% subsidy

Sarajevo distict heating

Sarajevo to start using geothermal water in district heating system

17 November 2021 - In a bid to switch from heating oil and thus reduce air pollution stemming from...

Eight municipalities of Kosovo* to introduce district heating

Eight municipalities of Kosovo* to introduce district heating

16 November 2021 - New EU grant will finance feasibility study to introduce renewable energy-based district heating in Kosovo.


GGF Impact Stories: Raising awareness of household energy efficiency benefits in Kosovo*

12 November 2021 - An awareness-raising campaign for households in Kosovo* has helped homeowners understand the benefits of improved energy efficiency

EPCG becomes sole owner of project company for Gvozd wind farm

EPCG becomes sole owner of project firm for Gvozd wind farm

01 November 2021 - State-owned power utility Elektroprivreda Crne Gore has signed a shareholder agreement with the renewable energy company Ivicom Holding


Kosovo’s* 102.6 MW wind farm Bajgora goes on stream

25 October 2021 - The wind farm, with 27 turbines supplied by General Electric, has started feeding electricity into the grid, according to a statement from Notus.

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