Coldplay to use fans’ kinetic energy to cut CO2 emissions on world tour

15 October 2021 - To mitigate the carbon footprint during the 2022 tour, the British rock band will use solar panels, biofuel, a mobile rechargeable battery, and a kinetic floor to convert fans’ movements into energy.


12 Mediterranean cities, organizations seek innovative solutions for harnessing marine energy

12 October 2021 - The projects include using seawater energy for heating and cooling, harnessing wave energy to generate electricity, and turning seaweed into biofuel.

OMV Petrom bioethanol biggest solar park Romania

OMV Petrom plans bioethanol plant, biggest solar park in Romania

12 November 2020 - OMV Petrom applied for funds for a bioethanol factory worth EUR 246 million and a 111 MW solar power plant, local media reported.

Coffee grounds as waste heating fuel fertilizer

Coffee grounds waste emerging as powerful heating fuel, fertilizer

04 November 2020 - Projects are springing up across the globe for making fuel and fertilizer from coffee dregs, which prevents landfilling


INA asks for bioethanol project to be granted strategic investment status

24 June 2020 - The Croatian oil and gas company INA filed a request for a second-generation bioethanol project...

Beyond Leather clim@ apple-based clothing material

Beyond Leather wins clim@ 2020 competition with apple-based clothing material

02 June 2020 - The clim@ 2020 finals were held online today and the top 15 startups held virtual...


DSEC to prepare engineering contract for INA 2G-ethanol plant in Croatia

30 January 2020 - Belgium’s De Smet Engineers & Contractors, DSEC, has started working on a basic engineering contract...

Clim@ finalist Episome adding clients for waste paper sludge processing Elif Afacan biotech

Clim@ finalist Episome adding clients for waste paper sludge processing

14 January 2020 - Every year, the paper industry spends EUR 3 billion on the disposal of waste and...

Turkish-Albanian consortium hydropower solar biomass geothermal power electricity output production, record

Turkey produces record 131.9 TWh of power from renewables last year

09 January 2020 - The latest data, published by the Solar Energy Investors Association (Güyad) and the Hydroelectric Power...

alternative fuel transit buses

TENDERING: Energy efficiency analysis of conventional and alternative fuel buses

20 August 2019 - Serbia’s Road Traffic Safety Agency has launched tendering to produce an energy efficiency analysis of...

European Commission: Montenegro should step up enforcement of laws in environmental protection, climate change

14 June 2019 - Montenegro has made some progress in harmonizing its legislation with the EU in the field...

lignite thermal power plant

European Commission: Kosovo* continues to rely on lignite, some progress seen on renewables

12 June 2019 - Kosovo* has some level of preparation in the field of energy, but continues to rely...

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