bankwatch law on renewables serbia

Bankwatch urges Serbia to halt subsidies for small hydropower in new law on renewables

15 January 2021 - The scarce resources available need to be directed at those technologies which still need a boost but whose prices may still fall - mainly solar and wind farms.

Romania coal fired thermal power plants

Romania erases new coal-fired thermal power plants from its plans

23 November 2020 - The Government of Romania claims no more coal power plants would be built and CE Oltenia hinted it is about to scrap the last such project.

Leonardo DiCaprio ban new small hydropower plants FBiH

Leonardo DiCaprio backs campaign to protect Bosnian rivers

23 September 2020 - Conservationist groups from the region and the world urged the Federation of BiH to pass...

Environmentalists EU Chinese violations

Environmentalists demand from EU to tackle Chinese firms’ violations

14 September 2020 - Eight organizations urged the EU to do more to tackle legal breaches by Chinese companies....

Coal plant SO2 emissions in Western Balkans

SO2 emissions in Western Balkans coal plants six times above limit in 2019

23 June 2020 - There was no improvement last year on air pollution from lignite-fired industrial facilities reported to...

N. Macedonia mulling coal phaseout

N. Macedonia is first country in Western Balkans mulling coal phaseout before 2030

24 February 2020 - North Macedonia’s government has approved the Energy Development Strategy until 2040 which makes it the...


EIB adopts new energy lending policy, to stop financing fossil fuel projects from end-2021

15 November 2019 - The European Investment Bank’s (EIB) Board of Directors has agreed on a new energy lending...

Court halts expansion of largest coal mine in Romania following Bankwatch appeal

25 October 2019 - A Bucharest court has blocked an expansion of Rosia, the largest coal mine in Romania...

Western Balkans subsidies small hydropower

Western Balkans urged to end subsidies for destructive small hydropower – report

25 September 2019 - The European Commission and the Energy Community need to play a role in ending state...

Just transition post-coal jobs

Just transition report looks into post-coal job prospects in Romania’s Jiu Valley

23 September 2019 - NGOs Greenpeace and Bankwatch Romania have launched a new report outlining scenarios for the just...

civil society renewables support Serbia

Let the sunshine in, say civil society groups

10 July 2019 - Author: Igor Vejnović, Hydropower Coordinator, CEE Bankwatch Network Eight civil society organisations last week submitted...

North Macedonia small hydropower plant

Complaint submitted to EnC against North Macedonia over small hydropower plants

03 July 2019 - Environmental groups Eko-Svest and CEE Bankwatch Network have filed a complaint to the Energy Community...

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