Smart grids to create 10,000 jobs


August 15, 2016






August 15, 2016





Turkey’s 21 electricity distribution companies, which were privatized by the end of 2013, have begun to focus more on technological changes in the sector. The use of smart grids to ensure more efficient electricity usage and to raise consumer satisfaction is expected to create 10,000 jobs with an initial investment of TRY 10 billion (EUR 3 billion), Uğur Yüksel, secretary general of Turkish Electricity Distribution Association (Elder), told Anadolu.

Smart grids are seen as one of the most important steps of the technological change, to prevent power cuts through automatic measuring systems by conducting a situation analysis and by providing grid reliability through controlling overloads and failures, according to the article published by the agency’s Energy News Terminal.

The system doesn’t only measure electricity consumption, but offers the cheapest electricity tariff by taking into account the consumer’s consumption habits, said Uğur Yüksel, secretary general of Elder.

Distribution companies have started ‘Turkey Smart Grids 2023 Vision and Strategy Determining Project’ run under the helm of  the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), Yüksel said. “Our main priority in this technological change is to increase consumer satisfaction as much as possible along with using electricity more efficiently. We at Elder ensure the coordination among distribution companies. With this project, we aim to prepare the roadmap for the transition to smart grids in Turkey,” he stated.

Yüksel added the necessary feasibility studies will be carried out by EMRA, after which the companies will start investing. He also advised smart grids do not only measure electricity consumption, but that they also offer the cheapest electricity tariff by taking into account the consumer’s consumption habits. The system allows for the introduction of energy from renewable sources and offers benefits to utilities and consumers – mostly seen in improvements in energy efficiency and reliability on the electricity grid and in energy conservation in users’ homes and offices.


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