Regional Alterenergy platform network enhances Renexpo


May 7, 2015






May 7, 2015





Small and medium enterprises from the Adriatic region, engaged in the sectors of energy saving and renewable energy, met in April at the Renexpo Western Balkans fair in Belgrade, during the business meeting opened with the Alterenergy strategic project – funded within the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007–2013, Alter-energy.eu website reported.

There were more than 40 joint business bilateral tables between enterprises and investors for a total of about 200 B2B meetings. Participants came from Italy, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia.

The initiative is unprecedented and provides for the definition of a real chain of small and medium sector firms in the Adriatic, with tangible economic and employment benefits, says Bernardo Notarangelo, director of Mediterranean department in Italy’s Puglia regional administration.

Investment opportunities, collaborations and technology transfer: these are the actions provided aside the B2B meetings held in the Renexpo, all planned in consultation with the Chamber of Commerce of Bari and the Internationalization Department of Puglia, in collaboration with the Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy, Alterenergy said.

More than 100 companies, selected by the Alterenergy partnership, will meet again in late June, this time in Apulia and in an increasingly innovative context for the exchange of best practices.

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