Project CB-Green bringing network for renewables and energy efficiency


February 12, 2016





February 12, 2016




Regional Development Agency for Herzegovina (Redah) joined forces with the City of Mostar and the seaside Municipality of Neum and started the development process of EE-RES-NET, network of projects in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The endeavour is launched within cross-border project CB-Green. The goal of EE-RES-NET is to increase the number and quality of energy projects which will enable local and regional authorities and institutions they run to apply for financing from European and national funds in the period from 2014 to 2020.

CB-Green was the frame for round tables in Mostar and Neum about the creation of local action plans for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The activities will also be performed within the project. CB-Green is funded by the European Union’s Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance in the cross-border programme of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The project aims to increase awareness about global environmental issues, inform on energy efficiency and cuts in greenhouse gas emissions through new technologies and sustainable development. It started in April last year and lasts through March 2017. CB-Green is worth EUR 499.1 million. Other partners are the Croatian City of Zadar, regional development agency Zadra Nova and organization Eko Zadar.

Redah will gather information on all projects in the segment regardless of the level of development and preparedness as well as all the projects that are being implemented or are completed. Projects can be applied until the end of February.

The action plan for Mostar will include goals such as a cut in energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 20% and an increase of the share of renewable sources, mayor Ljubo Bešlić said at the round table. Brian K. Schjertzer, representative of German Development Cooperation (GIZ), said the energy efficiency law has been on hold in the Parliament of BiH for over a year now, and that it is significant that the city and its population take the initiative without a legal obligation to produce an action plan. He added this way Mostar is joining the European initiative Covenant of Mayors. The document should be complete by the end of April.


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