Procurement of electric buses initiated in Belgrade


November 12, 2015





November 12, 2015




Serbian capital’s mayor Siniša Mali announced a public call for procurement of five electric city buses and stated Belgrade will be the first in the region with such vehicles. In his words, the contract may be signed within a month, and the buses should be in operation by the middle of next year, RTS said.

The deadline for delivery is 150 to 250 days from when the contract is signed, the mayor said. The line in central part of the city has already been determined, and the vehicles will have the capacity of „at least 80 passengers“, Mali said. The system includes fast charging within ten minutes and the range of 20 kilometres, while storage of energy will be conducted with batteries or supercapacitors, the report said.

The solo low-floor vehicles will be purchased in cooperation with the city’s public transportation operator and the secretariats for environmental protection and transport, local authorities said.

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