Energy Efficiency

Pilot project opens way for major energy efficiency endeavour



September 4, 2016






September 4, 2016





The Government of Slovenia said in mid-August that financing was approved for a pilot project within a national programme to refurbish public buildings, worth EUR 415 million in total.

The first beneficiaries will be the courts in Celje, Murska Sobota and Slovenj Gradec, where the investment will be worth EUR 2 million.

The national project will cover premises of 1.8 million square metres by 2023 and will be helped with grants of EUR 115 million from the European Cohesion Fund and another EUR 50 million from repayable funds.

The pilot programme will be a model of public-private partnership regulated by an agreement which stipulates that the state will define the goals and finance a private partner from the effects made in energy savings, the government in Ljubljana said.

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