Only 906 green certificates traded in January


February 4, 2016





February 4, 2016




Opcom, the energy market operator, said the Centralized Green Certificates Market (PCCV) experienced a veritable crash last month, portal Nine o’Clock reported. Only 104 sale offers and three purchase offers were registered. The number of units traded stood at just 906. The closing price was RON 131.08 (EUR 29.26) per certificate.

The volume traded dropped last year by over 73 times to 36,618, compared to 2.68 million certificates traded in 2014. According to Opcom’s data, 98% of transactions were made in the first four months.

In December, the Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) estimated the mandatory quota for this year at 0.317 certificates per MWh. This means 12.12 million securities will be needed in 2016, compared to 18.9 million certificates that will be issued according to the ANRE estimate, thus generating a surplus of 6.79 million green certificates, which comes in addition to the already existing surplus of 4.05 million units, investors claim. The government granted 19 energy intensive companies agreements for exemption from a part of the number of green certificates in the mandatory quota in October.


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