NIS announced new venture for gas-fuelled CHP


July 24, 2015





July 24, 2015




A member of the Gazprom Energoholding group entered into an agreement with NIS, Serbia’s flagship oil and gas company, with a view to set up a venture under the name of Serbskaya Generaciya with the aim to build a gas fuelled combined heat and power plant (CHP) in the town of Pančevo, said Kirill Kravchenko, chief executive of NIS, in his interview to Politika daily.

Construction may start as early as mid-2016, with commissioning set for 2019, NIS quoted the company’s chief on the company’s website. Both the heating and the power would be consumed by NIS’s refinery in the town and its partners. The surplus of power will be offered to the market, Kravchenko said. Investment of EUR 140 million has been secured for the initial stage. Gazprom Energoholding will cover the biggest part, he added.

The thermal plant capacity will amount to 140 МW, with a possibility to increase it to 208 МW, where the value would reach EUR 183 million. NIS built 13 small-scale power plants in the oil and gas fields in Serbia, works have been under way at 12 geothermal wells, and another seven bigger and smaller energy projects are under consideration currently, NIS’s CEO said. He stressed that the prerequisite to continue such activities is the power purchase contract at the state level for power generated from renewables.

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