Montenegro ranks concessions for four small hydro projects

Montenegro ranks concessions for four small hydro projects


August 1, 2016






August 1, 2016





The Ministry of Economy of Montenegro said a tender commission has determined the rankings in the procedure of granting concessions for the construction of small hydro stations to produce electricity at locations on four watercourses in the country’s north and central areas, while the offer for Sjevernica was rejected as invalid. First-ranked bidders were selected for Bjelojevićka, Bistrica, Bukovica and Lještanica.

Consortium Hydro Bjelojevićka was ranked first for the eponymous river in Mojkovac municipality in the country’s northeast, as stated on the website of the Ministry of Economy. It was the only bidder. Bistrica Clean Energy Consortium got the concession for the project in Bijelo Polje and the consortium was also the only bidder for the river.

Consortium Hydra MNE was ranked first for watercourse Bukovica, as was Lještanica Hydro Consortium, as the only bidder, for the water stream in the vicinity of Bijelo Polje.

The commission has concluded that the four consortiums met the prescribed conditions for the concession and criteria such as the experience in managing hydro facilities, financial ability, technical solution and multi-purpose solutions.

The bid for watercourse Sjevernica was submitted by a consortium of the same name. The offer, as explained, failed to meet all the criteria.

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