Montenegro expects electricity deficit for three years


August 5, 2016






August 5, 2016





Total net deficit of power for consumption in Montenegro will amount to 229.9 GWh (6.5%) next year and 230 GWh (6.3%) in 2018, while in 2019 a shortfall of 209 GWh (5.7%) is expected, shows the government’s document on the long-term energy balance.

Purchase of electrical energy because of the deficit, will be carried out by Montenegrin Electric Power Company (EPCG), direct consumers or new suppliers. According to the document, the production of electricity will rise in the next three years, so that in 2019 it will reach 3.49 TWh. It is expected domestic consumers will need 3.7 TWh.

Reduction of energy losses in the distribution network is planned in the medium term. Losses in the distribution network are expected in the amount of 333 GWh next year (13.5%), 297 GWh (12%) in 2018 and 275 GWh (11%) in the year after that. The document notes 132.6 GWh will be lost in the transmission grid next year, with estimates for 183.8 GWh in 2018 and 185.2 GWh in 2019.

The government expects the start of electricity generation from wind, based on data provided by the concessionaires. In June, the first wind turbine was installed at wind park Krnovo. A number of solar power installations on rooftops will enter into operation, according to energy permits issued by the Ministry of Economy.

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