Juwi from Germany hired for 18.6 MW in solar projects


April 14, 2016





April 14, 2016




Koyuncu Group selected Juwi Group to develop 18 of its unlicenced projects in Turkey. After having installed a 7.4 MW solar power plant last year in the city of Denizli, about 200 kilometers northwest of Antalya, in the country’s southwest, the company is now about to construct 18 DC solar parks with a total installed capacity of 18.6 MW. Koyuncu Group’s investment is USD 23.5 million (EUR 20.1 million).

The deal was closed earlier this month at the Solarex trade show in Istanbul, Juwi said. “The Turkish energy market offers great potential for renewables and we are just at the beginning of a long road, in particular with regard to the country’s COP21 target  for solar energy,” the German-based company’s general manager Korhan Göğüş said, refering to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – 21st Conference of the Parties.

The target set by Turkey at last year’s COP21 summit was 10 GW. As of March, only 365 MW of solar power has been installed. Market analysts estimate the size of the Turkish solar market to be EUR 8.9 billion. “Juwi is well positioned in this developing market and has an extensive pipeline of potential projects and will successfully realize more projects in the future,” Göğüş adds.

This year, Juwi’s subsidiary Juwi Yenilenebilir Enerji AŞ will put into service the 18 plants. Half will be installed in Konya and the other half Nevşehir, said Ibrahim Koyuncu, chief executive of Koyuncu Group Konya is located in Central Anatolia, 300 kilometers northeast of Antalya. Nevşehir is 200 kilometres northeast of the city of Konya. Koyuncu said the plan is to generate 31 GWh per annum.


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