ISWA calls for applications for winter school in Texas

ISWA Texas school


August 24, 2016






August 24, 2016





Several scholarships are available for the second winter school in the United States announced for January 16-27 by the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA). Students and professionals are invited to write an essay on a specific aspect of solid waste management in their countries and compete for free registration, a round-trip ticket to DFW Airport in Dallas and lodging and transportation.

The event in Texas will be held in cooperation with the Solid Waste Institute for Sustainability (SWIS). The deadline for application for winter school is September 15, according to local time.

The objective of the ISWA-SWIS / City of Denton Winter School is to provide advanced knowledge in the field of waste management to an international audience of existing and emerging experts, organizers said.

Participants will be able to learn about challenges of solid waste management in developing economies at the University of Texas at Arlington and in Dentone. However, the unique aspect of the school is the blend of in-class and hands-on training, the invitation adds. The in-class, theory-based and the hands-on, operational training will take one week each.

The programme will cover landfill siting, equipment, design and construction, operation, leachate management, gas management and utilization (LFGTE). It will include economic, health and sanitation aspects as well as environmental risk assessment.

There will be particular focus on specialty areas such as perpetual or sustainable landfill, mining including feasibility, preliminary investigation, and impact of landfill mining of sustainable waste.

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