Hydro still national priority in strategy for renewables


February 11, 2016





February 11, 2016




As Albania’s electricity balance depends on hydrology, the varying amount of rain which later powers hydroelectric turbines, the volatile factor must be taken into account in predictions and strategies for the energy sector, according to Lorenc Gordani, who teaches at Polis University and heads legal issues in the Albanian Renewable Energy Association (AREA). The industry group gathers producers of energy from renewable sources in concessions of up to 15 MW. In any case, hydroelectric plants are the bedrock in development of green energy. In his speech at the HydroTech event in Tirana, Gordani stressed the interest in investment in renewables has been centred on small hydro.

After the adoption of the crucially important Law on Energy Sector last April, the National Renewable Energy Action Plan was adopted in January, he said, adding the included measures aim to reach the target of 38% of energy to come from renewables, in line with obligations set with the Energy Community. In comparison, gross final energy consumption of the segment had a share of 29.8% in 2009, peaking in 2013 to 34.9%, but tumbling to 25.9% next year, according to data from the Instat statistical bureau.

Gordani cited papers which see hydroelectric capacity more than doubling in 15 years through 2030 to 3.9 GW in an ambitious scenario. Meanwhile, photovoltaics, wind and biomass would grow from almost nothing to capacities of 220 MW, 310 MW and 80 MW, respectively, or below 20% of overall renewables in total.

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