HPP Piva delivers 30 TWh over 40 years


April 15, 2016





April 15, 2016




Hydropower plant Piva started working on March 28, 1976. During four decades it generated and delivered to the system more than 30 billion kWh of electricity, state-owned utility Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG) announced. Having three identical units with total capacity of 342 MW and a 42 kilometres long reservoir with a capacity of 800,000 cubic meters of water, it is a true triumph of construction and engineering for companies from Yugoslavia, EPCG stated.

According to Milan Radović, director of HPP Piva, extraordinary results have been accomplished thanks to the equipment quality, as well as to the staff’s professionalism and efforts invested over last 40 years.

Fulvio Ivo Guidi, executive officer at EPCG responsible for generation and technical and business development, stressed Piva facility is one of the three main sources for stable supply of electric power market in Montenegro.

Stefano Pastori, the utility’s chief executive, emphasized it provides powerful contribution to the adoption of planning documents, as well as to development of the legal framework and its alignment with the European standards and directives. „The most important investments which I would single out are construction of the electrostatic precipitator and capital reconstruction of boilers in TPP Pljevlja, modernization of HPP Piva, preparation of the project of diversion of the Zeta river to the hydro-reservoir of HPP Perućica, construction of the following transformer stations: Podgorica 5, Škaljari, Bistrica, Petrovac, Kumbor and Popovići“, he stated. He added he believes that, by the end of this year, the system will have another 265,000 multifunctional meters installed. Also, unbundling of distribution from EPCG to operate as an independent legal entity from May 1 with the license of an independent distribution system operator – Crnogorski elektrodistributivni system (Cedis) shall designate the beginning of a new development of the Montenegrin electricity distribution system, Pastori stressed.

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