German–Turkish partnership launches wind power plants


July 8, 2015






July 8, 2015





Borusan EnBW’s two aeolic parks in the provinces of Mersin and Çanakkale began operations, while additions to an existing wind power plant in the province of Balıkesir increased the facility’s capacity by 30 MW, bringing the partnership’s wind facilities to 246 MW, Today’s Zaman reported.

The main mission of Borusan EnBW’s energy is to benefit the economy via sustainable development contributing renewable energy plants, said Borusan Holding’s CEO Agah Uğur, adding that the company’s goal is to reach 2 GW of capacity by 2020 with its portfolio of wind and other renewable sources, and that USD 4 billion (EUR 3.64 billion) will be invested in order to meet the mark. He said the existing portfolio has wind power projects of 470 MW, while 295 MW is in hydroelectric plants, Anadolu Agency’s Energy News Terminal reports.

The company has wind projects in Harmanlık in Bursa, Koru in Çanakkale and Mut in Mersin province, each with 52.8 MW. Mut, located east of Antalya, has 16 Vestas V112-3300 turbines that can generate around 153 GWh per year. The Bandırma (Balıkesir) wind power project has 60 MW and Balabanlı (Tekirdağ) has 50.6 MW of installed capacity. The company’s hydroelectric power plant in Yedigöl (Erzurum) has 50.3 MW. Fuatres wind power plant in Izmir will have 33 MW of installed capacity.

„It is our ambition to become one of the key energy players in this promising market. Our partnership has existed now for more than five years,” said EnBW’s chief technical officer Hans-Josef Zimmer. „Turkey faced tremendous economic growth in the past 10 years. As an investor, we believe and hope that the short-term economic irritations will not change the fundamental strengths of the economy. Energy investments are long-term strategic investments. We are confident and a firm believer that Turkey will continue its successful economic growth,” he added.

Energy minister Taner Yıldız said Turkey has taken great steps in increasing renewable energy sources, adding that recent growth is two times higher than in the European Union.

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