First congress on water in BiH to be held in Sarajevo



August 4, 2016





August 4, 2016




The Foreign Investments Promotion Agency (FIPA) announced the first congress on water management is to be held in Sarajevo on October 27 and 28. It will be organized by the Association of Consulting Engineers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (UKI BiH) and institutions and utilities that participate in the management of water resources.

The congress will discuss sustainable development in the field, policy, development strategies and water management plans, organizers said. Cooperation with other sectors, project finance, human resources and education in the water segment will also be covered as relevant topics.

The event has an international character. It will gather experts, consultants and researchers, representatives of the public sector and government as well as non-governmental organizations from the Balkan country, the surrounding region, and the European Union in order to analyze results and challenges in the optimization of water resources management and, particularly, their use, the statement adds.


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