EPS to invest EUR 1 billion in environmental protection


June 9, 2016






June 9, 2016





The construction of the desulfurization system in thermal power plant Kostolac B is almost complete. When it is commissioned, emissions of sulphur dioxide will be under 200 milligrams per cubic metre, in line with European Union regulations, said Milorad Grčić, acting chief executive of Electric Power Company of Serbia (EPS). He said the state-owned utility is socially responsible and that it invested EUR 200 million in nature protection, and that the plan is to finance environmental projects with EUR 1 billion by 2025.

Grčić spoke to representatives of communities located close to the power plant and coal exploitation complex and stated EPS wants to solve all potential problems through dialogue. Bane Spasović, mayor of Požarevac, city which incorporates the Municipality of Kostolac, also attended the meeting.

The chief of EPS said modernization of facilities is the priority, that both units of the thermal power plant were refurbished and that electrostatic precipitators were installed to filter fine particles. It already cut the level of pollution below the level limited by law and European standards, according to Grčić.

EPS is putting effort into the closure of slag and ash pond Srednje kostolačko ostrvo to eliminate the spread of the material from Kostolac A. The company is preparing for the construction of Kostolac B’s second block, with the capacity of 350 MW. The project worth USD 578 million dollars (EUR 513 million) is financed from a loan granted by China.

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