EPCG and EPS discussing plans for HPP Komarnica


October 14, 2016






October 14, 2016





In the middle course of the Komarnica valley in Montenegro, a 170 MW hydroelectric power plant (HPP) is planned to be constructed. The new plant is expected to produce around 200 GWh of electricity per year. Representatives of the Montenegrin Electric Power Company (EPCG) discussed the matters with project partners, Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) several days ago in Belgrade.

The representatives of EPCG, the chairman of Board of Directors Srdjan Kovačević and the Board’s member Ranko Milović exchanged views on future project’s activities with representatives of EPS Milorad Grčić, acting general manager, Aleksandar Jakovljević and Vladimir Marković, EPS’ key executives, along with Marina Andrijasevic from the Serbian Ministry of mining and energy, national broadcaster RTCG reported.

The outcome of the meeting was agreement on establishing a joint working group in 2017 with the main goal to harmonize provisions of the Annex to the original contract of “Joint Implementation” of Komarnica project as well as to prepare necessary documentations for the project’s uptaking.

HPP “Komarnica” was initially introduced in 1972 with main idea to provide peak power for the grid. Further studies during 80’s showed promising potential for the project. In 2012 the Montenegrin government adopted draft plan for the river Komarnica as part of wider “Energy Development Strategy of Montenegro by 2025”.

Environmental concerns

According to this strategy, the project should not affect inhabited areas, threaten industrial facilities, natural beauties or cultural heritage and should provide clean source of energy and help development of local community. The main argument was that in case of flood only inaccessible canyon of Komarnica would be jeopardised. Local governments differed in their view, with Municipality Plužine supporting the project, while nearby Municipality Šavnik opposed the idea. Some Montenegro based NGO’s such as “Green Home” and “Ozon” were strongly against the idea since the Detailed Spatial Plan assumed construction of over 17 dams which would certainly lead to massive flooding of area, possible loss of species and relocation of more than thousand people. Upon this pressure the government of Montenegro was urged to complete more in depth qualitative assessment of the ecological impact on the environment.

Studies still to confirm project’s feasibility

In 2013 information about potential geological problem put numerous investors, who expressed interest in this project, on hold: Sinohydro Corporation Limited from China, Norinco International Cooperation from China as well as the governments of Slovenia and Turkey.

EPCG and EPS agreed to provide potential investors with all relevant documentation. Investors will have complete insight in current documentation along with soon-to-be completed Study on Research in Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology as well as  Photogeological study. Several notable institutions from the region evaluated the project such as Elektroprojekt-Ljubljana, Energoprojekt-Belgrade, The Institute for Construction material, Geotechnics and Chemical analysis-Nikšić, Institute for Geological Research of Montenegro, Jaroslav Černi- Institute for the Development of Water Resources, Hydrometeorological Institute of Montenegro and Energoprojekt Hidroinženjering-Belgrade.

The HPP “Komarnica” represents massive project for Montenegro. The investment could reach more than EUR 240 million and Montenegro’s economy minister Vladimir Kavarić explained last year that government will not provide state guarantees but remains open for all financial arrangements.

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