Energy efficiency boosts construction sector


June 12, 2015





June 12, 2015




„We secured HRK 600 million (EUR 79.12 million) for energy efficiency and environmental protection projects in 2015. A large share was directed to the buildings construction sector,” Mihael Zmajlović, environmental and nature protection minister, said at a presentation in Zagreb. At the event, one in a series of gatherings organized by the ministry and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, he said the programmes protect nature, save energy, increase the quality of life and make companies competitive. „But, more importantly, we create work for construction companies and small businesses, contributing to job creation,” Zmajlović added.

The minister stated on June 11 that subsidies for buying energy efficient household devices would continue next year. In just nine days, all the funds were used, with 10,000 devices bought, Zmajlović said, as reported by

He added that in the second half of next year there will be new energy efficiency projects, but that he cannot say if there will be a boost to the fund from which the state helps buying devices with an A++ energy certificate.

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