Electrica awards contract to SAP without tender



August 3, 2016






August 3, 2016





Power supplier and distributor Electrica Group signed a deal worth EUR 5.2 million with SAP Romania on August 1 after direct negotiation and without public tender, according to a report on Hotnews.ro, republished by Romania Insider.

The selected company shall provide maintenance in the segment covered by SAP licenses at the utility’s information technology system. Electrica stated the agreement with a single bidder was legitimate, citing technical characteristics as the reason why a tender process hadn’t been conducted.

Fair Value, provider of SAP technological solutions, was hired for the job on May 27, 2013. Electrica’s licenses were purchased from software maker SAP SE, headquartered in Germany. The largest shareholder in the Romanian utility is the government, with a 48.7% stake.

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