DIVE’s second hydro facility in Croatia set into operation


May 1, 2016





May 1, 2016




Hydropower plant Klipić, located at river Sunja 100 kilometers southeast of Zagreb, was launched with a turbine capacity of 130 kW. DIVE Turbinen GmbH & Co. KG. stated on its website this is the second facility in Croatia with its equipment, integrated in an old watermill with legal status of protected heritage.

The DIVE-Turbine, installed in December, has a runner diameter of 1,080 millimetres. Due to high water level, the hydropower plant could only be commissioned in April. The precondition for the authorization to install a turbine was that it had to be noiseless, because the location of the facility is in an inhabited area.

By the end of the year, the third DIVE hydropower plant in Croatia with 280 kW of installed capacity will be set in operation, the company said.

The first project was built on river Kupčina in the community of Draganić in the central part of the country. The turbine with 105 kW of installed power is located at the old mill.

DIVE-Turbine unit is compact and the direct connection between the generator and rotor enables operation without transmission. The entire system is submerged in water and needs no housing, which lowers the cost, the company said. The number of rounds per unit of time varies, therefore inverters are installed between the generator and the grid.


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