Cretan interconnection plan scaled back


December 21, 2015





December 21, 2015




The Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO or Admie SA) cut back on the scale of its interconnection plan intended to link Crete with the grid serving the wider Athens area and, for the time being, will connect the island as far north as the Peloponnese, according to sources of Energy Press portal.

The operator is striving to finalize the revised latter project’s details for inclusion in its ten-year plan, the report said. The initial plan, offering a capacity of 1 GW, would have covered electricity supply needs from the mainland to Crete, while also serving as a channel for the supply of the island’s renewable energy production from to the capital city’s area.

Following the revision, the project will, for its initial stage, be limited to a 2 x 200 MW system connecting the Peloponnese with Crete to cover the island’s electricity needs. The resulting infrastructure will not be able to facilitate delivery of Cretan green power production to Athens. This will require development of a supplementary project, according to Energy Press.

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