Construction of EUR 6.2 million wastewater treatment plant in Raška kicks off

May 30, 2018

Photo: Ministry of Environmetal Protection
Construction of EUR 6.2 million wastewater treatment plant in Raška kicks off

The construction of a EUR 6.2 million wastewater treatment plant has started in the village of Rvati in the Raška municipality in the presence of representatives of the EU Delegation to Serbia and the Government of Serbia.

As part of the water supply, collection and wastewater treatment project, worth EUR 6.2 million, a wastewater treatment plant in the village of Rvati, the main sewage collector, and an extended sewerage system for the surrounding settlements will be built, while the existing sewerage network and water supply system will be reconstructed.

Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Sem Fabrizi said that 15,000 Raška region residents will get clean drinking water, as well as better quality food and preserved nature. The project will contribute to the preservation of the rivers Raška, Zapadna Morava, and Ibar, Fabrizi added.

According to Fabrizi, the EU has allocated EUR 5 million for the implementation of this project, in order to improve Raška residents’ quality of life, but also to assist Serbia in the process of membership negotiations with the EU.

The support is part of a wider EU initiative to help Serbia address the issue of wastewater treatment and the establishment of relevant infrastructure. Water treatment plants have been built in Subotica, Šabac and Vrbas, preparations are being made for construction in Leskovac, and projects design is underway for Kraljevo, Brus, Blace, Niš, which will receive EUR 65 million from the EU, Fabrizi said.

Environmental Protection Minister Goran Trivan noted that Serbia needs about 300 wastewater treatment plants, adding that the goal is closer at hand with the construction of the plant in Raška.

“The environment in Raška will be enhanced by the establishment of a water supply and wastewater treatment system, and development potential will be boosted also, primarily in the sector of tourism”, Raška Mayor Ignjat Rakitić said.