The energy crisis is not an emergency, but a new reality - Trhulj

Energy crisis is not emergency but new reality – Trhulj

01 June 2022 - Power companies imported electricity at a price  three to five times higher than their retail price

Small modular reactors nuclear waste conventional study

Small modular reactors create far more nuclear waste than conventional units – study

01 June 2022 - Small modular reactors would create two to 30 times more nuclear waste per unit of energy than conventional nuclear plants, scientists found

Albania bans single use plastic bags

Albania bans single-use plastic bags

01 June 2022 - It is forbidden to produce, import and sell disposable plastic bags in Albania including those that are defined as oxo-degradable or oxo-biodegradable

Croatian supercar maker Rimac gets EUR 500 million from investors

Croatian supercar maker Rimac gets EUR 500 million from investors

01 June 2022 - Croatian electric vehicle producer Rimac Group's estimated valuation increased to more than EUR 2 billion

Korlat – the first hybrid renewable energy park in Croatia

HEP expands Korlat wind facility with solar, makes it Croatia’s first hybrid power plant

31 May 2022 - The 99 MW Korlat solar power plant in Zadar county will be built next to...


NIS piloting solar power project at petrol stations across Serbia

31 May 2022 - By opening a 25 kW solar power plant at its Gazprom-branded filing station Stari Banovci, NIS became the third commercial prosumer in Serbia

Western Balkan countries struggling coal plants

WB-6 countries struggling to secure electricity production in their old coal power plants

31 May 2022 - It's going to be a long winter in several Western Balkan countries as old coal-fired power plants are unreliable and lignite is scarce

North Macedonia to revitalize eight hydropower plants by 2026

30 May 2022 - Prime Minister Dimitar Kovačevski announced a project to revitalize eight large hydroelectric power plants in...

Germany coal phaseout on hold Russian gas supply cut

Germany puts coal phaseout on hold to prepare for possible Russian gas supply cut

30 May 2022 - European countries are canceling the closure of coal plants despite phaseout plans to prevent a collapse if Russia halts its gas deliveries

Serbian City Pirot major investments solar power

Serbian City of Pirot is attracting major investments in solar power

30 May 2022 - The local authority in Pirot in Serbia's southeast is working on solar power projects of all sizes and bringing investors to the sunny city

Nuredini Wind solar power degraded land

Nuredini: Wind, solar power plants should be built on degraded land

30 May 2022 - In identifying suitable locations for solar and wind farms, degraded land should be considered а priority, Minister Nuredini said

Construction of first large solar power plant in BiH kicks off

27 May 2022 - The facility will be located in the southern municipality of Grude, 20 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea and 50 kilometers from Mostar

Wind, solar save Turkey USD 7 billion in last 12 months

Wind, solar save Turkey amazing USD 7 billion in last 12 months

27 May 2022 - Wind and solar power plants saved Turkey USD 7 billion over the last 12 months as it would have had to compensate for the shortfall with gas imports


Medical Chamber of Slovenia demands government to revoke decree on waste incinerators

27 May 2022 - The decree on granting concessions for waste incinerators neglects the environmental and health aspects, said the chamber

Romania EUR 1 4 billion European funds grid solar gas

Romania to use EUR 1.4 billion of EU funds to strengthen its energy sector

27 May 2022 - The EU allowed Romania to use its share of the Modernisation Fund for the makeover of coal plant owner CE Oltenia and the electricity grid

climate law

First Greek climate law sets deadlines for ban on conventional vehicles

27 May 2022 - Greece's parliament passed the first climate law with more flexible requirements than in the original proposal

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