Climate Change


EU adding arms industry to priorities alongside climate, digitalization

31 January 2024 - Top European Union officials have acknowledged that defense spending is making its way to the group of key investment priorities


EU allows importers to delay first CBAM report by one month

31 January 2024 - CBAM declarants can request a delay of up to 30 days to submit their first quarterly report, as a technical glitch affected the system


EU grants EUR 480 million to carbon transportation, storage projects

26 January 2024 - The EU aims to store at least 400 million tons of CO2 per year by mid-century, but not everything would be put away underground permanently

bulgaria coal power plants julian popov

Coal plants in Bulgaria to be shut not by government but by market – minister

15 January 2024 - The country has officially set 2038 as the year when the phaseout of the coal power plants will be completed

kosovo law on climate change adopted

Kosovo* adopts first Law on Climate Change 

12 January 2024 - Kosovo* failed to include all the 2030 Energy Community climate and energy targets and the 2050 climate neutrality objective in its new law

kosovo necp energy community recommendations

Energy Community urges Kosovo* to commit in its NECP to phasing out coal by 2050

05 January 2024 - The Energy Community Secretariat doesn’t have any major objections to Kosovo's draft National Energy and Climate Plan

bih necp draft energy community secretariat recommendations

BiH’s NECP lacks clear set of policies, measures, investment needs – Energy Community

04 January 2024 - The Energy Community Secretariat has issued recommendations on Bosnia and Herzegovina's draft National Energy and Climate Plan

federation bih undp green traansition merlen lakic

Federation of BiH launches five-year strategic Green Transition programme

02 January 2024 - The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the UNDP signed a financial agreement for the Green Transition programme

Serbia adopts first Programme for Adaptation to Changed Climatic Conditions with Action Plan

Serbia adopts first Programme for Adaptation to Changed Climatic Conditions with Action Plan

29 December 2023 - The action plan for the period 2024-2026 defines 25 measures and the financial and institutional frame and timeline

UK to introduce its own CBAM by 2027

UK to introduce its own CBAM by 2027

20 December 2023 - The UK government also calls the levy CBAM, which confirms its similarity with the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and the purpose


Seven European countries to shut down all CO2-emitting power plants by 2035

19 December 2023 - The agreement was concluded as part of the Pentalateral Energy Forum, chaired by the Netherlands this year

COP28 conclusion: End for fossil fuels, but they will still be used

15 December 2023 - Representatives from almost every country reached an agreement on the final text of a new...

energy community ministerial council decarbonization guarantees of origin

Ministerial Council asks European Commission for ETS impact assessment for Western Balkans

14 December 2023 - The Energy Community Ministerial Council reaffirmed its commitment to the 2021 Decarbonisation Roadmap at the annual meeting

COP28 UAE Consensus transition away from fossil fuels in energy

COP28 adopts UAE Consensus to transition away from fossil fuels in energy

13 December 2023 - Delegates at COP28 voted to call for transitioning away from fossil fuels in energy systems to drive emissions to net zero by 2050

energy community annual report implementation performance 2023

Serbia emerges as top performer in Energy Community annual report

12 December 2023 - The Energy Community Secretariat stressed that the three keywords defining 2023 were solidarity, integration and transition

COP28 – thin lifeline at the end of hottest year ever

06 December 2023 - At the leading annual climate change conference COP28 in Dubai, international organizations propose guidelines hoping...

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