By 2035 smart grids to be financed with EUR 10 billion


February 22, 2016





February 22, 2016




“Europe plans to invest EUR 400 billion in smart grids by 2050. In Turkey, we estimate that this volume will be around EUR 10 billion by 2035,” Uğur Yüksel, secretary general of the Electricity Distribution Association (Elder) told Anadolu Agency, as reported by its Energy Terminal.

The introduction of smart grids to Turkey’s energy sector will prevent power cuts through automatic measuring systems by conducting situation analysis and providing grid reliability by controlling overloads and failures. He stated the durability of the electricity network will be increased that and the continuity of energy supplies will be combined with more energy efficiency. With the aim of introducing smart grids, out of Turkey’s 21 electricity distribution companies, nine companies are preparing through a consortium to realize ‘Turkey’s Smart Grids Roadmap to 2020’ project, Yüksel explained.

“In that regard, we aim for maximum use of local technology. This project will last 16 months and methodology along with schedule to transition to smart grids will be determined during that process,” Yüksel explained. The grid allows for the introduction of renewable energy resources into the system and offers many benefits to utilities and consumers – mostly seen in improvements in energy efficiency and reliability on the electricity grid and in energy conservation in users’ homes and offices.

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