Attractiveness of Turkish market growing with renewables


May 3, 2016


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May 3, 2016


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Turkey, despite the problems in the surrounding Middle Eastern region, is a good country to make energy investments, according to the head of Energy Council of Foreign Investors, Anadolu Agency’s Energy News Terminal reported. Mario Diel said in an interview that domestic electricity and natural gas markets are new, developing and ripe for foreign investors to profit. He also stressed the electricity market is well organized and regulated, and added that when renewable technology and new energy developments come to Turkey, the appeal will be further enhanced.

Electricity market in Turkey is well organized and regulated, Mario Diel said.

“We started trading electricity and natural gas a few years ago, of course it is a new market, so people have to learn how to do business in Turkey. It is a big country to invest in. It has a young population as a potential workforce, and has increasing demand for more electricity generation. Turkey can be an energy trading hub in the future. Currently we see that Turkey can transfer its electricity to neighbouring countries and is also capable of energy trade with surrounding countries like Georgia, Bulgaria and Greece,” Diel said.

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