Alterenergy board and steering committee meeting


May 6, 2015






May 6, 2015





Eight partnership meetings were already held within the Alterenergy strategic project. The last project management board and steering committee met in Ioannina on May 4 and 5, Alter-energy.eu website reported.

Alterenergy has been launched in September 2011 to promote sustainability in 60 selected small Adriatic communities with less than 10.000 inhabitants. The Alterenergy partners have implemented immaterial investments combining social, cultural, tourism, educational, commercial and technological aspects.

Additionally, starting from feasibility studies in all communities, material investments in the renewable energy sources (RES) and efficiency sector were implemented.

Specifically, two pilot infrastructural interventions in Puglia and Albania, six demonstrative actions in Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Greece, and additional investment in Slovenia concerning sustainable transport in five pilot municipalities are being finalized.

There were awareness-raising activities on the issues of renewables and energy saving for citizens, didactic theatre and environmental paths for stimulating young students, workshops of skills transfer for actors, training opportunities and territorial promotion for the involved target communities, capacity-building activities for public administrations responsible for the local energy policies and economic operators.

Business and investments support among small and medium enterprises in the RES and energy efficiency solutions are being implemented, too.

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