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Citizen energy – the cornerstone of a sustainable and efficient energy transition

29 July 2022 - Damir Miljević and Mirza Kušljugić from RESET explain the role of citizens in the energy transition


Energy transition in Western Balkans – how to move forward

08 April 2022 - In an op-ed for Balkan Green Energy News, energy experts Mirza Kušljugić and Damir Miljević write about the ongoing energy crisis and the energy transition in the Western Balkans.

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Rooftop solar could generate half of electricity consumed in BiH – Avdaković

04 March 2024 - There is solar energy potential in BiH not only on roofs but also in agriculture and on artificial lakes


Negative electricity prices halt Western Balkans coal power plants

28 December 2023 - RiTE Gacko in Bosnia and Herzegovina suspended the operation of its coal plant, citing a crash in prices on the power market


Analysis of EU’s Western Balkans decarbonization policy: decarbonization to remain disorderly if nothing changes

24 November 2023 - The policy paper 'Chaotic and fake decarbonization of power sectors in the Western Balkans' is based on a survey of more than 100 experts from the region

energy commnunities western balkans conference sarajevo reset

Four recommendations for enhancing citizen participation in energy sector in Western Balkans

06 November 2023 - RESET and the Heinrich Böll Foundation held the second regional conference on energy communities in Sarajevo


BEF 2023: Western Balkans must get financial support to decarbonize

12 May 2023 - Countries in Southeast Europe have no doubt that decarbonization is inevitable, but EU members have more money to implement it

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Firms in BiH plan joint solar power plant to avoid paying EU carbon border tax

05 April 2023 - The investors say they are aware carbon-free electricity would be required to keep exporting as CO2 emissions will be taxed

webinars just energy transitions Western Balkans Ukraine

Join webinars on just energy transitions in Western Balkans and Ukraine

27 February 2023 - The webinar series 'Just energy transitions in the Western Balkans and Ukraine' will explore opportunities and the lessons learnt on the way to a coal phaseout


Western Balkan countries must create legal framework for energy communities, democratize energy

09 December 2022 - The conference Citizen Energy Communities/Renewable Energy Communities in Sarajevo was organized by RESET and the Heinrich Böll Foundation


Energy transition for SMEs – Tuzla-based meat company Menprom leads the way in smart green planning

17 October 2022 - The story of the energy transition of meat company Menprom from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which we present as part the series Green champions of the energy transition in the Western Balkans, is an example of good practice and a beacon of smart energy management


EPBiH plans to start buying electricity from private producers

29 August 2022 - EPBiH has issued a public call for the procurement of electricity produced from renewable sources and through high-efficiency cogeneration

BiH abolishes restriction on grid connection of wind farms solar

BiH abolishes grid connection limit for renewables

13 July 2022 - The decision makes BiH the country with the most advanced environment in the region for the development of variable renewables

Republic of Srpska BiH drafts amendments Law Energy

Republic of Srpska drafts amendments to Law on Energy

15 April 2022 - The draft changes to the Law on Energy are aimed at aligning it with newer laws and the Energy Development Strategy

REPCONS 2 0 BiH Serbia Montenegro not ready successful energy transition

REPCONS 2.0: BiH, Serbia, Montenegro not ready for successful energy transition

16 February 2022 - Experts from the region have complied the Barometer of Sustainable Energy Transition report titled Perfect Storm – an uncontrolled decarbonization of the Western Balkans’ power sector.

Repcons 2.0 Barometer of Sustainable Energy Transition

Experts from BiH, Montenegro, Serbia start work on Barometer of Sustainable Energy Transition

18 May 2021 - Experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia have started developing a Barometer of Sustainable Energy Transition, as part of the REPCONS 2.0 project.

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