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2nd International energijA+ HVAC meeting in Montenegro



October 6, 2016






October 6, 2016





EnergijA+, 2nd International heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) meeting organized by Engineers Chamber of Montenegro (IKCG) was held in September in Budva, Montenegro.

The meeting  gathered about 60 HVAC engineers from IKGC`s Mechanical engineer’s chamber, and 40 participants from eight European countries. During two days of sessions, speakers from science, institutions, and industry gave 22 lectures about contemporary HVAC solutions.

Presented topics covered the wide area of HVAC: climate change and energy in general, energy consumption and energy efficiency, heating, cooling, ventilation and smoke exhaust systems in buildings, etc. Other topics were HVAC modeling, system sealing, tunnel ventilation design, air conditioning in hospitals, biomass heating systems, HVAC control, and management, etc.

Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers presented PO/TRAC project for which they are partners together with EU. Siniša Janjušević, Executive Director of GGE Montenegro, a recently established subsidiary of GGE Group, spoke about ESCO financial solutions for energy efficiency projects.

Bojan Grujički, Viessman’s General Manager for Serbia and Montenegro presented new technologies for solar collectors.  Dejan Dotlić, spoke about energy efficient steam boilers  of Bosch systems.


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