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Zumtobel donates public lighting system to Podgorica


June 27, 2016






June 27, 2016





The first phase of the switch to LED lamps in a donation of Austrian Zumtobel Group to the capital of Montenegro was finished. A section of one of the main streets of Podgorica got lighting produced by Thorn, and the works in the EUR 30,000 worth project are continuing. Deputy mayor Časlav Vešović expressed appreciation and stated the donation is an important step towards the modernization of public lighting in the city, the municipal portal reported.

He said the local authorities aim to improve the whole public lighting system and that partnerships like the one with Zumtobel are very important for the acceleration and more efficient implementation. Vešović added Podgorica will continue to develop such projects in order to save power and increase efficiency.

Zumtobel said the implementation of the project brought the grade of lighting at the site to the highest level for transport under current recommendations. The frequency of traffic on the street has been significantly increased in the last several years, according to portal.

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