Vojvodina funds energy efficiency projects


June 18, 2015





June 18, 2015




Nenad Stanković, energy and mining secretary in the Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, held a press conference to present two public calls. One is for applications for grants in projects of energy efficiency upgrading in public buildings. The secretariat’s budget funds the programme with RSD 115 million (EUR 0.95 million), the provincial government’s website said. All public institutions founded by the province, the Republic of Serbia or a local self-government have the right to apply for co-financing. A similar project was implemented in 2008, the report said.

The other programme is for grants to co-finance introduction of efficient indoor lighting in public institutions, and EUR 370,000 million has been approved for the project.

However, the provincial government’s website said, due to ‘vacation season’, there will be no calls for public institutions in July, so the next wave of programmes would start in late August or early September. Still, ‘in late July and early August’ calls for applications are to be launched for agricultural farms, including biomass and solar energy utilization. This will be followed by a programme worth EUR 331,000 for non-governmental organizations, aimed at educating children and pupils about using energy efficiently, officials said.

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