eu trucks tool co2 emissions

EU transport ministers greenlight CO2-based toll charges for trucks

09 December 2020 - Hauliers with trucks that have lower emissions will pay lower tolls in the EU as an incentive for reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution

res foundation air pollution conference belgrade

World Bank: Main sources of air pollution in Belgrade are heating, road transport, coal power plants

03 December 2020 - The largest sources of pollution are in the urban area - heating and road transport, but also outside the urban area - thermal power plants.

Sofia particulate matter AQI air pollution quality

Sofia upgrading air pollution response system, may restrict traffic

23 December 2019 - The center of Bulgaria’s capital city has good air quality for the first time since...

TENDERING: Renewables in transportation study for Energy Community

24 October 2019 - The Energy Community Secretariat has launched tendering for a study to define possible options for...


Ban on imports of used cars with Euro 4 engines slashes polluting vehicles’ sale in BiH

17 September 2019 - Bosnia and Herzegovina’s decision to ban imports of used cars fitted with a Euro 4...

EBRD Transport Sector Strategy

EBRD announces public consultations on Draft Transport Sector Strategy 2019-2024

16 July 2019 - The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is reviewing its strategic approach to the...

Tendering: City of Belgrade’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

28 December 2018 - The City of Belgrade has announced tendering for the development of the Sustainable Urban Mobility...

SEPA report: Excessive air pollution registered in Belgrade, other Serbian cities in 2017

18 October 2018 - The Serbian capital Belgrade had excessive air pollution throughout the 2010-2017 period, except in 2014,...

Serbian Government to consider introduction of incentives for electric vehicles

25 December 2017 - Serbian Government will consider the introduction of incentives for the use of electric vehicles. Establishment...

EC to asses national plans for alternative energy in transport in November

16 August 2017 - The EU Members States will have to develop market and infrastructure for alternative fuels in...