Bulgaria named EU’s top SO2 polluter, accused of “persistent” breaches of limit values

25 January 2021 - Three environmental organizations have accused Bulgaria of systemically and persistently violating the European Union’s (EU)...


Clean Air for All – How polluted air harms human health

05 December 2020 - Pollution in the air we breathe can cause a wide range of adverse health impacts, from respiratory illnesses to heart disease to stroke.

res foundation air pollution conference belgrade

World Bank: Main sources of air pollution in Belgrade are heating, road transport, coal power plants

03 December 2020 - The largest sources of pollution are in the urban area - heating and road transport, but also outside the urban area - thermal power plants.

Premature deaths due to air pollution in Europe remain too high despite improved air quality

26 November 2020 - The number of premature deaths due to air pollution in Europe remains too high, at...


Western Balkans suffocating from air pollution as heating season starts

23 October 2020 - The beginning of the heating season in the Western Balkans brought a rise in air pollution once again


Excessive air pollution registered in 14 Serbian cities in 2019

08 September 2020 - Last year the air was excessively polluted in 14 cities in Serbia, compared to just...


Clean Air For All – a lesson on key air pollutants

07 September 2020 - *Expert advice in the preparation of this article was provided by Professor Aleksandar Jovović, Faculty...

coal-fired power plants air pollution Kosovo*

Two coal-fired power plants generate alarming air pollution in Kosovo*

28 August 2020 - Two coal-fired power plants, Kosova A and Kosova B, are the main source of the...


Citizens of Serbia breathe polluted air – particle pollution several times higher than allowed

20 December 2019 - Concentrations of particulate matter PM10 and PM2.5 are again reaching enormous levels in Serbian cities,...

inverter air conditioners

North Macedonia’s ESM to subsidize purchase of inverter air conditioners with EUR 10 million

11 October 2019 - North Macedonia’s state-owned power company Elektrani na Severna Makedonija (ESM) has set aside EUR 10...

Government issues two public calls for funding to help reduce air pollution

19 August 2019 - The government of North Macedonia has issued two public calls for funding under its program...

BiH, North Macedonia most polluted countries in Europe – report

06 March 2019 - People in the Western Balkans breathe the most polluted air in Europe, with as many...

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