IPTO completes Crete-Peloponnese power link Crete to burn less oil to produce electricity

IPTO completes Crete-Peloponnese power link – Crete to burn less oil to produce electricity

21 May 2021 - This first interconnection between Crete and the mainland will cover a third of the island’s energy needs, substituting aged local power plants.

Montenegro people decide offshore oil exploratory drilling

Montenegro to let people decide on offshore oil after exploratory drilling

24 March 2021 - After environmentalists protested and a warning from auditors, the Government of Montenegro said oil can be discussed only after exploratory drilling

Investments USD 131 trillion 2050 global warming

Investments of USD 131 trillion needed by 2050 to limit global warming

17 March 2021 - IRENA says planned investments in green energy and new solutions must jump 30% to USD 131 trillion to hold the rise in temperature under 1.5 degrees


US poised for radical change on climate policy under President Biden

28 January 2021 - US President Joe Biden has ordered the new administration to review oil and gas projects on federal land, scrap fossil fuel subsidies, and replace the government’s vehicle fleet with electric cars.

Global warming catastrophic 3.3 C

Global warming is on pace for catastrophic 3.3º C without drastic measures

30 October 2020 - Up to USD 130 trillion in new investments is necessary to avert the current global warming scenario.

natural gas climate

Switching from coal, oil to natural gas accelerates climate change – study

01 October 2019 - Conversion from coal and oil to natural gas increases the greenhouse effect of energy consumption...

Slavonski brod, air pollution

Cross-border protocol to finally reduce air pollution in Slavonski Brod

01 November 2017 - Croatia and Republika Srpska signed a protocol on cooperation under which Bosanski Brod refinery will...

EU requests Croatia to amend law on INA privatisation

13 December 2016 - The European Commission has formally requested Croatia to amend the law on privatisation of INA...

European Commission calls member states to comply with directives

22 November 2016 - A monthly report from the European Commission listed a number of European Union (EU) member...