dogger bank wind farm first power

Dogger Bank, world’s largest offshore wind farm, starts producing electricity

10 October 2023 - The Dogger Bank Wind Farm project has delivered several world-firsts in supply chain delivery, the investors said

romania Minister of Energy Sebastian Burduja offshore wind

Burduja: First wind farms in Romania’s Black Sea in 2027-2028

15 August 2023 - The World Bank has estimated Romania’s offshore potential at 75 GW, Minister of Energy Sebastian Burduja said


Sweden blocks Vattenfall’s offshore wind project to protect nature, shipping

31 July 2023 - The proposed wind farm would have produced between 2.5 TWh and 3 TWh a year, an equivalent of 1.5% of Sweden’s electricity consumption

bp totalenergies auctions germany offshore wind

BP, TotalEnergies win German auctions with EUR 12.6 billion in bids for offshore wind farms of 7 GW

13 July 2023 - The results confirm the attractiveness of investing in offshore wind energy in Germany, said Klaus Müller, President of the Bundesnetzagentur

CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz Croatia

Manage your energy investment in Croatia smartly – ask our legal partners for the latest market insights

11 June 2023 - After suffering severe disruptions in the energy crisis, together with administrative hurdles that slowed the sector’s expansion, the pace of investments in the energy transition is picking up in Croatia.

offshore wind

First offshore wind farms in Greece to be installed in five zones in Aegean Sea

16 May 2023 - Greece aims to install its first offshore wind turbines, with a total capacity of 2.1 GW, in five regions of the Aegean Sea

croatia offshore wind potential 25 GW study floating wind solar

Croatia’s offshore wind potential estimated at 25 GW

15 May 2023 - It is the result of the Action Plan for Renewable Energy Sources at Sea in Croatia, the first such study prepared in the country

How looks like the construction of the largest floating wind farm

This is how world’s largest floating wind farm is built

26 April 2023 - Mammoet, which is installing the largest floating wind farm, claims they would become the most cost-effective renewable energy technology

istria adritic sea energy independence offshore wind

Adriatic peninsula Istria intends to use offshore wind to achieve energy independence

27 March 2023 - Offshore wind farms are seen as the only significant source capable of ensuring the energy self-sufficiency of Istria

galileo hope barium bay offshore wind floating

Galileo, Hope eye 1,100 MW floating wind farm in Adriatic Sea

27 February 2023 - Galileo and Hope Group have launched Barium Bay, their second joint venture in Italy for the development of floating offshore wind farms

Bird nesting structures needed to continue with largest offshore wind farm project Hornsea 3

Ørsted building seabird nesting structures within project for world’s largest wind farm

08 February 2023 - The Hornsea 3 offshore wind farm project in the North Sea includes environmental compensation measures for the black-legged kittiwake

BLOW project: pioneering 5 MW floating offshore wind turbine in Black Sea

BLOW project – pioneering 5 MW floating offshore wind turbine in Black Sea

03 February 2023 - Renewable energy company Eolink announced it is launching a 5 MW floating offshore wind project off the Bulgarian coast in the Black Sea

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