Mostar BiH concession first municipal solar park in Western Balkans

First municipal solar park in Western Balkans to be built in Mostar

14 August 2023 - Mostar is getting the concession for the first municipal utility-scale renewable electricity plant in BiH and the Western Balkans

Mediterranean resort city Antalya fifth municipal solar power plant

Mediterranean resort city of Alanya to build its fifth municipal solar power plant

30 January 2023 - The Alanya Municipality decided to build its fifth photovoltaic unit, as the model has enabled substantial savings for its electricity costs

Municipal solar power plant Braşov lower power bills 90%

Municipal solar power plant in Braşov to lower power bills by 90%

12 January 2023 - The local authority in the city of Braşov in Romania wants to build its own solar power plant to increase energy independence and cut costs


Elassona in Greece to build municipal photovoltaic plants of 5 MW in total

26 July 2022 - The Municipality of Elassona will build solar power plants to cut electricity costs for water supply and sewerage by 90%

Municipalities Greece solar power projects own electricity needs

Municipalities across Greece to develop solar power projects for own consumption

09 November 2021 - Local authorities in Greece are working on solar power projects to achieve savings in their budgets, lower emissions and secure electricity supply

Sifnos island energy autonomy hybrid power plant

Sifnos island to achieve energy autonomy with hybrid power plant project

29 July 2021 - A wind farm and a pumped storage hydropower plant can meet the entire demand for electricity in the small Aegean island of Sifnos in Greece

volos island greece

Volos to build first municipal solar park in Greece, subsidize poor families

28 October 2020 - The Municipality of Volos launched a 50 MW photovoltaic project and two more pioneering solar endeavors are underway.