Serbia’s top hospital to boost energy efficiency in EUR 200 million project

16 June 2023 - The first phase of the project is expected to reduce VMA's natural gas consumption by up to 40% and electricity consumption by up to 30%


GIZ takes 25 guests from Serbia to visit renewable energy sites in Germany

16 June 2023 - The visit focused on prosumers - solar power plants in households, residential communities, and public and private buildings

serbia electricity prices hike

Serbia hikes power price for businesses to EUR 110 per MWh

28 April 2023 - The price of electricity for firms in Serbia is set by the government since November 2021 due to the energy crisis

Serbia statute utility coal power EPS joint stock company

Serbia changes statute of its coal, power utility EPS to turn it into joint stock company

04 April 2023 - The Supervisory Board of Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) changed the state-owned coal and power utility's statute today

Transformation of Serbia’s power utility EPS sparks controversies

03 April 2023 - The company's scientific council and workers' unions stood up against the changes to the statute that were proposed by the Ministry of Mining and Energy

Serbia sets EUR 70 million for energy efficiency, solar panels subsidies for citizens

Serbia sets EUR 70 million in subsidies for households for energy efficiency, solar panels

31 January 2023 - The public call for subsidies is intended for local authorities, which should later launch public calls for citizens

Serbia relies on Norwegian expertise in energy sector development

Serbia to rely on Norwegian expertise in energy sector development

30 November 2022 - Serbia received recommendations from Rystad Energy and will work by its instructions, President Aleksandar Vučić said

GIZ conducts training courses for professional development in solar energy application

GIZ conducts training courses for professional development in solar energy

24 November 2022 - GIZ has conducted professional development training courses in the field of solar energy for high school teachers and solar panel installers

Dubravka Djedovic Negre new minister mining energy serbia

Dubravka Đedović Negre to become Serbia’s energy, mining minister

23 October 2022 - Đedović Negre is currently a member of the Executive Board of NLB Komercijalna banka

SEOS demands suspension of geological exploration and review of mining permits

SEOS demands suspension of geological exploration amid invasion of lithium seekers

14 September 2022 - SEOS urged the government to meet its demands by November 1 and suspend and revise all licenses issued to Rio Tinto and other companies

GIZ grants funds for subsidies for three additional prosumers in Kragujevac in Serbia

09 September 2022 - GIZ will cover half of the costs for the purchase and installation of rooftop solar power panels for three households in Kragujevac in Serbia

Conference Serbian companies on power market

Conference Serbian Companies on Changing Power Market to be held in Belgrade on February 22

21 January 2022 - In Belgrade on February 22, Balkan Green Energy News is organizing a conference on the outlook for Serbia’s electricity market for the next few years and new roles of market players.

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