vetropack straza koer virtual power plant

Vetropack Straža joins KOER virtual power plant

05 December 2023 - Technology company KOER launched the first virtual power plant in Croatia in February 2022, becoming the first aggregator

renewables croatia OIEH association hops grid connection rules

Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia association: grid connection rules threaten projects worth EUR 1.5 billion

21 July 2023 - OIEH claims that new HOPS rules on the connection to the network are going to extend the process of issuing the necessary permits

Romanian Croatian TSOs EU grants investments power transmission grid

EU grants for investments in Romanian and Croatian power transmission grids

12 October 2022 - The Romanian and Croatian transmission system operators have just received several hundred million euros for upgrades and digitalization

IE Energy largest battery system Southeastern Europe

Croatian startup to build largest battery system in Southeastern Europe

15 September 2022 - Croatia got the green light from Brussels for a EUR 19.8 million grant to IE-Energy for a massive energy storage project

HOPS invests EUR 213 million in transmission grids by 2026

HOPS to invest EUR 213 million in transmission grid by 2026

08 September 2022 - Croatian Transmission System Operator (HOPS) will invest EUR 213 million in power grid revitalization and...

Slovenia, Hungary connect power systems - transmission line Cirkovce-Pince finished

Hungary, Slovenia connect electricity systems with Cirkovce-Pince link

04 July 2022 - Power line is operating as testing and trial-run are underway. It will be included in the cross-border capacity calculation process from July 6

Virtual power plants power market prosumers

Virtual power plants to enable power market access for prosumers in Croatia

26 May 2022 - The law in Croatia allows households with solar panels to group and place excess energy in the market, though it is too expensive for now

Slovenia Croatia trial operation joint 50 MWh battery storage

Slovenia, Croatia launch trial operation of joint 50 MWh battery storage

06 April 2022 - The Sincro.Grid project passed another milestone with the start of the trial operation of two battery storage units with 10 MW in total power

KOER launches first virtual power plant in Croatia

KOER launches first virtual power plant in Croatia

08 February 2022 - Technology developer KOER is signing on end-users after it launched the first virtual power plant in Croatia


Austria’s Conex Invest to develop 60 MW solar plant in Croatia

11 May 2021 - Austria’s Conex Invest Finanzierungs is investing in a 60 MW solar power plant in Croatia. with a projected annual output of nearly 77 GWh.

continental europe breakdown resynchronization

How BiH, Croatia, Serbia TSOs reconnected two grid regions of Continental Europe synchronous area

02 March 2021 - The Continental Europe synchronous area broke down and split into two grid regions in January.

Croatia sets new record in renewable energy production

Croatia sets new record in renewable energy production

07 December 2020 - Due to heavy rains and strong wind, production in hydropower plants and wind farms reached 48 GWh yesterday, while consumption was 47 GWh.

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