Serbia issues decree to expand list of energy consumers eligible for aid

Serbia issues decree to expand list of energy consumers eligible for aid

09 December 2022 - Serbia will subsidize electricity, gas and heating bills for vulnerable households with EUR 34.1 million

No giving up on the Green Agenda

09 July 2022 - Zorana Mihajlović: The developments in the past year and a half have made a well-known maxim relevant again: energy is the most expensive when you lack it


Energy transition in Western Balkans – how to move forward

08 April 2022 - In an op-ed for Balkan Green Energy News, energy experts Mirza Kušljugić and Damir Miljević write about the ongoing energy crisis and the energy transition in the Western Balkans.

HEAL Biomass one main sources air pollution Western Balkans

HEAL: Biomass is one of main sources of air pollution in Western Balkans

27 January 2022 - Health experts from HEAL demand more attention and action on the public health threat of biomass burning in the Western Balkans

Solutions for energy poverty in Energy Community study

Solutions for energy poverty in Energy Community – study

08 December 2021 - Efforts to address energy poverty in the region are part of the Energy Community Just Transition Initiative

Greece solar power free electricity poor households

Greece to build solar power plants for free electricity for poor households

15 June 2021 - Greece earmarked EUR 100 million in subsidies for the construction of photovoltaic facilities to supply electricity to the people in need

Mayor activists Sofia renewables air pollution

Mayor promises activists Sofia would install renewables to cut air pollution

23 December 2020 - Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova told Greenpeace Bulgaria the city would step up measures to reduce air pollution

SMARTER Finance for Families: Green mortgages for green homes

16 May 2019 - Throughout Europe, many homes have not been built to high energy efficiency standards. This keeps...

Croatia planning energy efficiency measures for households, transport

20 February 2019 - The energy efficiency action plan recently adopted by the Croatian government envisages measures to reduce...

Evaluation of energy performance of buildings in Albania from the perspective of energy poverty

07 September 2018 - Author: Lira Hakani, EDEN Center, Tirana, Albania In an op-ed for Balkan Green Energy News,...

Measures to tackle air pollution inefficient, financing inadequate – analysis

18 July 2018 - An analysis of the National Audit Office (NAO) identifies the inefficiency of measures and the...

Kosovo* power production to remain heavily dependent on coal

29 October 2017 - Kosovo* has been facing its most serious energy crisis to date since the summer of...

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