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Bulgarian government to subsidize electricity price for industrial consumers

29 September 2021 - Prices have increased 72% from the beginning of the year, and today the price on the day-ahead market is at EUR 133 per MWh.

spain tax renewables wind farms electricity prices

Spain taxes renewables, nuclear power producers

28 September 2021 - Government rolled out a tax to mitigate the impact of the soaring electricity and gas prices on consumers.

North Macedonia starts construction of first power link with Albania

North Macedonia starts construction of first power link with Albania

30 August 2021 - The construction of the Bitola-Elbasan power line started with the construction of the new 400/100 kV substation near Ohrid.


Maja Turković: solar will be the main driver of power market liquidity (VIDEO)

22 April 2021 - After the transitional period of market premiums, solar will become the main driver of electricity market liquidity in Serbia, says CWP Global's Maja Turković.

Croatian households to be granted right to buy electricity from all EU countries

Croatian households to be able to buy electricity from all EU countries

09 April 2021 - The new law on the electricity market will increase competition in the market where the state-owned utility HEP holds 90% of the market.

market share largest electricity producers europe

Largest power producers lose market share in almost all European countries

29 March 2021 - Market shares of the largest electricity producers have mostly been decreasing since 2007, according to the latest data by Eurostat.

bulgaria north macedonia coupling day ahead market

Bulgaria, North Macedonia to couple day-ahead markets in 2022

08 December 2020 - Two countries have signed MoU to push forward the electricity market coupling project which started back in 2018.

Greece launches three power markets electricity market reform

Greece launches three power markets as part of electricity market reform

05 November 2020 - The Hellenic Energy Exchange (HEnEx) has launched three power markets - the day-ahead, intraday and balancing segments.


North Macedonia appoints MEMO to be organized electricity market operator

14 September 2020 - The Government of North Macedonia has appointed Macedonian Electricity Market Operator (MEMO) to be the...

Electricity supplier switching Greece 2019

Electricity supplier switching in Greece nearly doubles in 2019

14 August 2020 - Electricity supplier switching in Greece in 2019 jumped 89% against 2018, reflecting growing consumer confidence...

ipto manousakis interview

Regional Security Coordinator for SEE to step up European integration in synchronous zone

26 February 2020 - The establishment of the Regional Security Coordinator (RSC) for Southeast Europe (SEE) is an important...

Energy Strategy

New Croatian Energy Strategy and Electric Energy Market

30 July 2019 - Author: Marija Mušec, Partner at Law Firm Bardek, Lisac, Mušec, Skoko d.o.o. in cooperation with...

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