OCI Norway is pursuing an aggressive policy of expanding its oil and gas industries

OCI: Norway is pursuing an aggressive policy of expanding its oil and gas industries

11 February 2022 - According to Oil Change International (OCI), Norway is pursuing an oil and gas expansion policy and it has awarded 700 exploration permits in the past ten years, while the UK announced it would start exploitation at six fields in the North Sea this year

The climate goals of the world's largest companies much more promise than give the concrete results

World’s largest companies promise much more climate action than they deliver

10 February 2022 - Large global companies emphasize intentions to reduce carbon emissions to net zero, but according to the results of the latest analysis, they are going to reduce them by only 40% on average, against their pledges for 100%


Germany, Belgium to close nuclear reactors despite Europe energy crisis

28 December 2021 - The move comes amid the ongoing energy crisis in Europe and the EU’s plans to recognize nuclear power as a low-carbon energy source.


Scientists warn replacing fossil fuels with wood is ‘false solution’ to climate crisis

15 February 2021 - Over 500 scientists have warned world leaders against treating biomass as carbon neutral and supporting tree cutting for energy production.


Elon Musk offers USD 100 million prize for best carbon capture technology

25 January 2021 - Elon Musk, founder and CEO of electric car maker Tesla Motors, has said he will...


Slovenia offers EUR 1.5 million in incentives for green jobs

22 January 2021 - Slovenia has set yet another shining example in the region, offering EUR 1.5 million in subsidies to employers who hire people in green jobs.