EU grants EUR 480 million to carbon transportation, storage projects

26 January 2024 - The EU aims to store at least 400 million tons of CO2 per year by mid-century, but not everything would be put away underground permanently

Most read 2023 Balkan Green Energy News

Most read articles on Balkan Green Energy News in 2023

29 December 2023 - The more the energy transition progresses, the more questions and challenges arise. Here are the most important topics, according to the readers of Balkan Green Energy News.

Air France–KLM world’s first Sustainable Aviation Fuel, SAF, user

Air France–KLM tops world chart of sustainable aviation fuel usage

28 December 2023 - Air France–KLM group is the world’s largest sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) user for the second consecutive year

North Macedonia two laws introducing energy storage to market

North Macedonia drafts two laws introducing energy storage to market

21 December 2023 - In drafts for a set of key laws, North Macedonia defined energy storage operators and facilities and energy communities or cooperatives

COP28 UAE Consensus transition away from fossil fuels in energy

COP28 adopts UAE Consensus to transition away from fossil fuels in energy

13 December 2023 - Delegates at COP28 voted to call for transitioning away from fossil fuels in energy systems to drive emissions to net zero by 2050

Greece and Romania include new green energy projects in REPowerEU

EU approves REPowerEU green energy projects submitted by Greece, Romania

23 November 2023 - Through the revision of their resilience plans, Greece and Romania got EUR 795 million and EUR 2 billion, respectively, in REPowerEU funds


European Parliament seeks subsidies for nuclear energy within industry decarbonization package

22 November 2023 - EU lawmakers proposed a joint list of industry decarbonization technologies to be supported instead of sidelining nuclear energy


EU adds Greece-Egypt power interconnection project to PCI/PMI list proposal

26 October 2023 - Copelouzos Group's subsea electric cable project GREGY for linking Greece and Egypt made it to the EU's proposed PMI list

IEA Fatih Birol Climate change indifferent geopolitical rivalries

IEA’s Birol: Climate change is indifferent to geopolitical rivalries

27 September 2023 - IEA's head Fatih Birol warned that governments need to separate climate issues from geopolitics on the pathway toward net zero emissions


Italy to store its captured CO2 in Greece from 2030

07 September 2023 - Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a new technology that may allow industries to reduce their CO2 footprint

Grants approved world s largest carbon removal projects

Grants approved for world’s largest carbon removal projects

15 August 2023 - The US gave a green light for up to USD 1.2 billion in grants for two carbon DAC and storage hubs planned in Louisiana and Texas

Three carbon capture projects Balkans grants EU Innovation Fund

Three carbon capture projects in Balkans get grants from EU’s Innovation Fund

14 July 2023 - The EU selected Motor Oil Hellas, Titan Cement and Holcim's subsidiary in Croatia among 41 firms for grants from the Innovation Fund

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