Virtual power plants power market prosumers

Virtual power plants to enable power market access for prosumers in Croatia

26 May 2022 - The law in Croatia allows households with solar panels to group and place excess energy in the market, though it is too expensive for now

Serbia already has prosumers, but regulatory unknowns curb feeding excess energy into grid

13 September 2018 - Who are prosumers, and what are aggregators? The Serbian public is not quite informed yet,...

Investments  stalled amid uncertainty over renewable energy subsidies

Investments stalled amid uncertainty over renewable energy subsidies

09 May 2018 - The fact that seven months before the expiry of the decree on incentive measures for...

Workshop on revision of incentive model for renewable energy sources

04 May 2018 - The Association for Sustainable Development (ASOR), with the support of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce...