Support scheme costs EUR 2.03 billion through 2028


July 22, 2015





July 22, 2015




If not a single power plant that utilizes renewable energy sources is built anymore, Slovenia’s expenses for subsidies from 2009 to 2028 would amount to EUR 2.03 billion, according to government data, Finance newspaper’s author Jurij Šimac said. Last year the solar power facilities, little over 3,000 of them, generated 244 GWh or 27% of green energy, and got 47% of overall incentives of EUR 130 million. Finance’s journalist underscores that last year the state paid around EUR 250 per MWh from solar power plants, while the market price is around EUR 30. The Ministry of Infrastructure is now devising a net metering scheme for photovoltaics, Šimac said.

Energy Agency of Slovenia said in its yearly report that 47.5% of electricity in the grid was generated by hydropower plants. Furthermore, HPPs Brežice and Mokrice will soon be constructed, while it is expected that other power plants will be built on Sava river.

The institution registered 43 MW of power production capacity entitled to state support last year, mostly high efficiency cogeneration. In the district heating market, primary biomass as a fuel had a share of 6.9% while 2.9% of heat was produced in the waste incineration plant in the town of Celje. Nine biggest producers of electricity, with a capacity of more than 10 MW each, had an overall loss of EUR 22 million, but it was the three companies generating power from fossil fuels that were in the red by EUR 59 in total, while HPP operators had fairly good results, the agency’s data shows.

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